Bathroom Exhaust Fans

There are appliances that are simply too important and necessary to have inside your home and one of which is the bathroom exhaust fans. Lighting Illusions knows the significance of having a sanitary and safe showers and washrooms by installing bathroom exhaust fans in your homes.

Since most bathrooms are small and hemmed in, a lot of moisture from showers and baths combine with odors from soaps, cleaning agents and toilet bowls. The condensed vapor and water droplets causes dampness leading to mold, mildew and germs that multiply at alarming rates. In addition, cleaning agents such as bleach and other chlorine-based products with strong fumes are harmful to your health. In order to avoid potential health and sanitation problems, it is advisable to install a bathroom exhaust fans that can help prevent the growth of unsightly molds and mildews by keeping your showers and bathrooms dry and it takes bad odors.

Choose the right bathroom exhaust fan for your home. For bathrooms up to 100 square feet in area, an exhaust fan that provides 1 cfm per square foot at approximately eight air changes per hour is recommended. For proper ventilation, the fan should be left running for around 20 minutes after usage; you may want to install an automatic timer. Lighting Illusions can provide you with an excellent line of bathroom exhaust fans with heaters as well as the option to add a fan with remote.

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