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5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s definitely time to start looking for unique Christmas gifts. Are you stuck on what Christmas gifts to get friends and family this holiday season? We have a huge range of high quality and unique gift ideas to fit a variety of tastes and styles!

Styling your Interior Spaces with Pendants

Wanting to make a statement throughout your home but not sure where to start? Pendant lighting is a great way to complement your interior styling and add that little bit of extra something to your home. Whether you’re wanting a bit of glittering warmth or industrial styling, pendant lighting can instantly enhance your home design. Picking the right lighting for your home can be tricky, so make sure to take note of some of our tips and tricks to getting your pendant styling on point!

Your Beginners Guide to a Simple Queenslander Home Reno

It’s no wonder the humble Queenslander has found its way into many renovators' hearts with wide and spacious verandahs, sky-high ceilings and heritage details. But, when it comes down to how to renovate your Queenslander we all know that time and price have a huge part to play. So what are the best price and time-friendly ways to renovate your Queenslander? Whether you’re looking to increase your market price or give your forever home a facelift, these tips to renovating your Queenslander are sure to help guide you!

How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Home

Ever experienced the sheer dread of realizing you left your hair straightener on after a busy morning routine? Ever experienced the joyful relief of being able to turn your straightener off from wherever you are located, from the convenience of your smartphone? Thanks to 20th-century technology we’re now able to customize our home routines to suit exactly what we want and need. Ultimate comfort at minimal cost!

How to Choose the Right Exhaust Fan for You!

Form heat lamp output to colour; choosing a 3-in-1 exhaust fan can be EXHAUSTING! Read this blog post if you're looking to purchase but not sure how to choose the right one for you.

DC and AC Ceiling Fans Explained

Ever wondered where the inspiration for the name of Australian Rock Band AC/DC came from? Well, wonder no more! Here we explain the differences between DC and AC ceiling fans and which is the best ceiling fan for you!

FIVE Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxe for Less

There’s no doubt about it, even on a budget, we all want our homes to feel as luxurious as possible! Here are FIVE tips to add extra flair for less!

What Size Should my Ceiling Fan Be?

Take the guesswork out of selecting a ceiling fan size with this easy guide!

IP Rating and You!

When you’re looking at exterior or bathroom products, you’re bound to come across the term IP and IP Rating but what does this mean for you? IP or Ingress Protection is the key to knowing where the product is warranted to be installed.

Post-war House in the Burbs? Bring Back 1950s Style Lighting

From antique to retro, this blog explores a range of different decor styling options that were iconic in the '50s.