4 ways to improve airflow in your home

Has one room in your home ever felt warmer or colder than another and you didn’t understand why?
Your home needs fresh air to be a comfortable environment, but unlike your car, you can’t roll the windows down and put it in drive.
The flow of air through your home is dependent on several factors.
Here are 4 tips to help improve the airflow in your home:
1. Open doors and windows when the weather is nice, and let the refreshing natural air fill your home. This method is one of the simplest and most pleasant you can take to improve the airflow inside your home. But when the humidity level outside is high, it is better to keep your house closed up to keep from getting too damp.
2. Install exhaust fans in key places to reduce moisture and draw out stale air. Exhaust fans draw air inwards and remove it, unlike a typical ceiling fan. If you are unsure about where to place exhaust fans or how to install them, contact an expert for consultation. Exhaust fans should be run when showering to remove the excess moisture and help keep the home humidity level in check.
3. Turn on your ceiling fans! These wonderful tools spread the fresh air around your home so it flows nicely and evenly, spreading throughout each room. Fans are excellent options especially in the evenings, when perhaps you don’t want your doors or windows opened. Turn on the ceiling fan and enjoy the cool breeze.
4. Don’t forget your attic. Install insulation and ventilation to keep air from going stale or stagnant. A poorly maintained attic will increase the temperature of your home in the warmer months.
The benefits of good air circulation throughout your home are plenty. You will enjoy cooler and cleaner air, help to prevent mould from growing, and enjoy a higher air quality keeping your and your family healthier.
Enjoy clean, quality air circulation in every room of your house.
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