Why use sconces?

What are sconces?

It may not the first kind of light fixture that springs to your mind when you’re planning how to make over your home, but I’ve got a real soft spot for sconces. Sconces are lights that are fixed to the wall, using only the wall for support, and you’ll find that the light from them sometimes points upwards, creating a soft, atmospheric glow. They’re usually fixed about three-quarters of the way up a wall, which means you don’t see the naked light bulb if it’s an open-top type of light.

Sconces through the ages

Eglo Palermo Square Cylinder Opal Glass Wall Light

Sconces have been with us ever since man discovered fire and wanted to use firelight to brighten the darker corners of the cave. To begin with, the lights were just wooden torches with oily rags wrapped round them; they were bright, but you couldn’t exactly say that they were clean or safe. Wall lights became a little safer when people learned to make wax and tallow candles. They were often used to light passageways and long corridors, and you’ll still see them used in that way in some luxury hotels, or if you are lucky enough to visit a castle or stately home in Europe.

How to use sconces in the modern home

Overhead lights are great for brightness and table lamps are terrific for creating a cozy glow, creating a great atmosphere for entertaining or romance. But sometimes you just want that soft light at the flick of a switch, rather than putting on the bright light and then running around, putting all your lamps on. That’s where wall lights, or sconces, really come in handy. Most people think first of using them in an entry hallway or bedroom corridor, but I think they also work really well in sitting rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Milton Light

For a traditional look, you can’t go wrong with our Fiorelli Chrome Clear Glass Droplet or the Reata Alabaster Glass Shade. The Milton Light and the Ashley Light are both simple, classic styles that you could use in any room, but that might look particularly good in your hallway. You can get the Art Deco look with the Eglo Malva or the Arras Layered Wall Light. For those of you who are keen on a more modern, streamlined way to brighten your home, take a look at the Eglo Palermo Opal Glass Wall Light and the Eglo Troy Opal Frosted White Glass Light.

Eglo Malva Nickel Wall LightEglo Zepto Black Mosaic White Glass Wall Lamp

For homeowners who want a feminine, romantic style, there really is no better shortcut to that soft, Parisian look than our selection of crystal lights, from the Corsica Chrome Wall Light to the Eglo Chipsy Mother of Pearl with Glass Crystal Beads Wall Light. Sconces on each side of a fireplace are very stylish, and for this, you can’t go wrong with the Eglo Zepto Mozaic Glass Wall Lamp. The French monochrome boudoir is a strong look right now, and I think the Eglo Diadema Black Shade Wall Light would complement a bed made up with crisp, snowy white sheets perfectly.