A Pool party after dark

Taking The Party Outside

One of the best parts of living in Australia is the al fresco lifestyle we all enjoy. We love to entertain in the garden, making the most of the weather and the space we are so lucky to have. Outdoor lighting is a topic I’ve been thinking about lately, as I touched upon in a recent blog post.

Keeping It Cool

Swimming Pools Natural

So it’s a sultry summer evening, and everyone has been wilting in the heat all afternoon, but you want to get your friends and family together for some fun. Solution? It has to be a pool party. We’ve all been to rough-and-ready pool parties, but now it’s time to take it up a notch and do something a little more sophisticated.

Lighting It Right

The first and most important thing to do is look at your outside lighting. When I start to think about an evening pool party, a picture forms in my mind. The guests arrive after dark, and the first thing their eyes are drawn to is the pool, lit all the way round with in-ground lights like the Stainless Steel LED Deck Light.

At one end of the pool is the cabana, draped with light fabric that’s billowing in the breeze from a ceiling fan, like the super-stylish Hunter Outdoor Elements. Sitting on the silk cushions below the fan, a couple are deep in conversation, heads close together. Music and chatter drifts over to them from the deck area, where people are eating and drinking. The way up to the deck is clearly and enticingly illuminated with step lights.

Hunter Outdoor Elements Aluminium Fan

Guests moving in and out of the house stop to chat at the door, lit from above with a light like the Heritage Exterior Wall Light, which looks just right over a doorway. In the lawn area, between the shrubs and flowers, a statement light such as the Eglo Ferroterra Designer Exterior Lamp draws everyone’s eyes to the summer blooms.

Mercator Heritage Wall Light

Bon Appétit

Refreshing summer food and cool drinks on ice are laid out in the deck area, attracting guests in need of a boost. You’ve gone to a lot of effort to make the food as appetising as possible, and you want to make sure your friends can see it properly. Although candles look pretty, the heat they give off is not what you need when you’re keeping salads and wine cool. This area, lit by a super-stylish wall light like the Eglo City Classic, is filled with friends, catching up with each other over a delicious bite to eat before they drift down towards the pool.

Eglo City Wall Bracket

As the sky turns midnight blue, they eat, drink, swim or sit by the pool, dangling their legs into the water. However they choose to relax, they are rosy with the glow of a beautiful party, perfectly lit.