Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans
Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans
June 17, 2022

Top 5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans

If there’s one thing we Aussies know about staying cool in summer, it’s that having a powerful, efficient, and quiet Ceiling Fan in the bedroom is absolutely essential! Finding the perfect Ceiling Fan for your bedroom is easy when you know exactly what to look for, so we’ve put together our best-suited Ceiling Fans for the bedroom to get you on your way to a cool and comfortable summer’s night sleep. 

1. Breeze Silent DC Ceiling Fan

One of our household favorites, the Airborne Breeze Silent DC Ceiling Fan, leads the field as the best Ceiling Fan in the bedroom! With a powerful and quiet DC motor, the cost-effective Airborne Breeze Silent Ceiling Fan is the perfect fit for bedrooms. Unlike many other Ceiling Fans on the market, an additional retrofittable light kit can be purchased for the Breeze Silent, meaning you can conveniently add a light kit post-purchase with a hassle-free install. If you’re wanting a cool and comfortable bedroom during our hot summer nights, look no further than a Breeze Silent Ceiling fan for your bedroom!

breeze_silent_outdoor_print_res (1).jpg

2. Aeratron AE3+ Ceiling Fan

Coming in as an industry leader, the Aeratron AE3+ Ceiling Fan is perfect for bedrooms if you’re wanting to keep that designer look without sacrificing performance. Don’t just take our word for it, the Aeratron AE3+ was voted The Overall Best Performer by CHOICE® as well as Most Efficient (2013-2018) by EnergyStar. With some of the best functionality and design features available on the market, the AE3+ Ceiling Fan can save you up to 50% on your energy costs. Get the AE3+ Ceiling Fan for your bedroom today!

3. Storm DC Ceiling Fan

When the summer humidity sets in you’ll want a trusted Storm Ceiling Fan in your bedroom! The 5 ultra-efficient blades of the Storm Ceiling Fan push a whopping 16,0003m3/hr of undisturbed airflow. We’re big fans of the Storm Ceiling Fan, with its 6-speed remote control and powerful DC motor this indoor/outdoor is a mainstay in many Aussie bedrooms.


4. Aeratron FR Ceiling Fan

If you want strong airflow and architectural design without the big price tag, then the FR Ceiling Fan is the perfect Ceiling Fan for your bedroom! With state-of-the-art 2D airfoil blades and unique Swiss-German engineering, the FR Ceiling Fan provides efficient, eco-friendly, and almost silent airflow all year long! Learn more about getting an FR Ceiling Fan for your bedroom today!

5. Activ DC Ceiling Fan

Our highly-anticipated newly released Activ DC Ceiling Fan is the perfect fit for Aussie bedrooms, with hybrid DC technology that hosts all the benefits of a DC motor at the simplicity of an AC, the Activ DC Ceiling Fan is set to keep you cool and comfortable all night long! The ultra-durable blades of the Activ DC Ceiling Fan make it perfect for producing the optimal airflow in the bedroom. Better yet, the Activ DC Ceiling Fan is available with or without a LED light! Check out the newly released Activ DC Ceiling Fan now!