5 of the Best Ceiling Fans for Summer
5 of the Best Ceiling Fans for Summer
June 17, 2022

5 of the Best Ceiling Fans for Summer

It’s no secret that Summer in Australia is HOT! If you don’t have a trusted ceiling fan in your home then you’re going to have a long and uncomfortable sweaty summer. We know how important it is to have a ceiling fan you can rely on to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long, with this in mind we’ve put together our top 5 best and brightest ceiling fan contenders!

1. CHOICE® RATED Aeratron AE3+

Starting with the best and brightest we have the multi-award winning Aeratron AE3+! This reliable ceiling fan is not only one of Australia’s best ceiling fans but is also the most energy-efficient Ceiling Fan in the world. Rated as the Best Overall Performer by CHOICE® Australia not once but twice, you can rest assured knowing the Aeratron AE3+ will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. The unique features and design of the Aeratron AE3+ allow this Ceiling Fan to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, saving both your wallet and the environment. If you’re looking to make a design statement in your home, look no further. The contemporary design and Swiss-German engineered Aeratron AE3+ is sure to leave an impression on your guests with both exceptional airflow and aesthetics. Operating in virtual silence this Ceiling Fan will keep you cool without even a whisper of sound. Available in 40”, 50” and 60” size ranges you’ll be sure to find the perfect Aeratron AE3+ for any space in your home. 

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2. Calibo Breeze Silent

Choosing the perfect ceiling fan is a breeze with the Airborne Breeze Silent ceiling fan! This versatile fan is available in-store and online today! The Breeze Silent is in no way lacking versatility, you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice with optional light kits, motor options, size variants and availability in black or white. Available in either DC or AC motor options you can choose precisely which room requires which motor type. You can use the high-performance DC motor range in high-use rooms like the family room or master bedroom to save electricity. Whereas the AC range is better used in your spare rooms or any space which you’re using less. The Breeze Silent will give you peace of mind with a 6 Year Warranty* offered and retro-fittable light kit (meaning you can add a light kit after purchase)!  


3. Eglo Noosa

Named after the stunning beachside town of Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (only half an hour from our Kawana Showroom) the Noosa ceiling fan by Eglo Australia is a great contender to keep you cool all summer long! The Noosa ceiling fan is the perfect fit into any home with many different colour options available, from sleek black & white’s to unique timber look finishes you’ll easily be able to find a match to your home decor. Featuring rust-free moulded ABS plastic blades the Noosa ceiling fan is a durable and reliable ceiling fan for your indoor and outdoor spaces. The 24w DC motor provides great energy efficiency and will keep you cool through summer without breaking the bank!


4. Calibo Storm

Hate the stuffy and hot humidity that comes right before a summer storm hits? Stay cool all summer long with the Airborne Storm ceiling fan! This CHOICE® recommended 5 blade DC ceiling fan is one of the best ceiling fans on the Australian market. This ceiling fan features rust-free ABS plastic blades that have been designed to maximise air distribution whether you’re installing indoors or out. Available with or without light kit the 18w light panel is step dimmable, meaning it can be changed between cooler and warmer colour temperatures. The Storm ceiling fan comes with a handy remote control, with an additional wall controller also available to purchase for those who are prone to misplacing their remotes. With a whopping 16,003 m³/hr of airflow, the Storm ceiling fan is perfect for any area. Available in white, black and in three size variations there’s a perfect fit for everyone!


5. Ventair Spyda

Lastly but definitely not least, the Ventair Spyda is one of our favourite contenders for a summer ceiling fan! The Spyda ceiling fan is popular with both electricians and homeowners alike, it’s easy to install and offers substantial air movement. The Spyda has been a mainstay in Ventair’s range for years, no doubt because of it’s unique polycarbonate blades and it’s high air movement. This indoor and outdoor ceiling fan comes in a range of different sizes and colours with options to add a CCT LED light. The Ventair Spyda has been a crowd-pleaser for years with its great efficiency, design and performance.