IP Rating and You!
IP Rating and You!
June 17, 2022

IP Rating and You!

What is an IP Rating?

When you’re looking at exterior or bathroom products, you’re bound to come across the term IP and IP Rating but what does this mean for you? IP or Ingress Protection is the key to knowing where the product is warranted to be installed.

Solid Object

The first figure refers to solid object protection, scores of 0-3 is indicative little or no barrier to touching potentially haardous parts (i.e. fingers and tools can breach). Lighting Illusions recommends a minimum rating of 4 or 5 for exterior and bathroom products with a rating of 6 being completely dust-tight!

IP Rating Lighting Illusions Ingress Protection


The second number of an IP rating refers to how water-resistant the product is, Lighting Illusions recommends above a rating above 5 for prolonged direct exposure (like exterior walls that are not undercover and garden fittings). If your surface is under something like an awning or you’re shopping for your bathroom space, you will be able to get away with an IP rating of around 4. Products that have a lower rating than this are not only not recommended or covered under warranty in exterior and bathroom areas but could be dangerous with water and high voltage a potentially fatal combination.

Ceiling Fans and IP Ratings

How do Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fans interact with IP Ratings? Most Ceiling Fans that are made from high-grade ABS are warranted for exterior use due to the no-rust nature of the material, it’s important to know that this warranty will typically stipulate a minimum of THREE (3) walls. Shop our standard Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fans here. If you’re looking at installing a ceiling fan in an area with high exposure to the elements, we’d recommend a ceiling fan with an IP rating, shop for that here.


What specific hazards or risks are associated with products that have lower IP ratings in exterior and bathroom areas?

Products with lower IP ratings in exterior and bathroom areas may pose increased risks of hazards such as electrical shock or malfunction when exposed to moisture or solid objects. The specific hazards could include electrical short circuits, corrosion of internal components, or compromised insulation leading to potential electric shock incidents.

How does the material composition of ceiling fans, such as those made from high-grade ABS, affect their suitability for outdoor use in relation to IP ratings?

The material composition of ceiling fans, particularly those made from high-grade ABS, can significantly affect their suitability for outdoor use in relation to IP ratings. ABS is known for its resistance to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for withstanding outdoor environmental conditions. This resistance ensures that the fan components remain intact and functional even when exposed to moisture, thus contributing to higher IP ratings and prolonged durability in outdoor settings.

Are there any additional considerations or precautions to take when installing ceiling fans with IP ratings in areas exposed to high levels of moisture or other environmental elements?

When installing ceiling fans with IP ratings in areas exposed to high levels of moisture or environmental elements, additional precautions may be necessary to ensure optimal performance and safety. This could include proper sealing of electrical connections, regular maintenance to prevent buildup of debris or moisture ingress, and adherence to manufacturer guidelines regarding installation in specific environments. Additionally, consideration should be given to the surrounding environment's potential impact on the fan's performance and longevity, such as exposure to saltwater or extreme temperatures, which may necessitate further protective measures or specialised fan models.