Lighting For Creatures of the Night

Asfour Lead Crystal Chrome Floral Design Table Lamp

It seems as if everyone wants to be a vampire these days. Maybe it all started with the US cult hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 1990s. Now, there are the Twilight films and the more adult US seriesTrue Blood. The UK has Being Human and there’s even Vampire Academy, starring Aussie Lucy Fry. Everywhere you look, fictional characters are sucking blood and running away from sunlight.

Eglo Croco Mosaic Glass Table Lamp

While vampires may react badly to natural light, they still need to be able to see. After all, there are evil plans to be made and humans to be sucked dry. If True Blood is to be believed, some vampires also enjoy reading and the arts. It makes sense that without some entertainment, being immortal could get to be pretty boring. That’s also why vampires like to have nice looking and well lighted lairs. When you’re planning to live forever, you need to get properly settled in!

Ioyce Chrome Table Lamp

Whether they live in the same house that they occupied as a living being 150 years ago or they’ve decided to dress up a nice mausoleum in an historic cemetery, there’s a certain, timeless look that vampires seem to prefer. Whether their aesthetic is traditional or a bit more modern, vampires like lighting that has some bite to it.

For the Traditional Vampire

Since vampires are often hundreds or even thousands of years old, they’ve lived most of their lives by the light of candles and gas lamps. That’s why candle-shaped light bulbs are comforting and nostalgic for most creatures of the night.

Dijon Crystal Pendant ArmsEglo Tofo Frosted Oval Glass Layered Pendant Light

Vampire traditionalists would probably like our Dijon Crystal Pendant, our Charlotte Black Chandelier or our Lexington Glass & Crystal Chandelier. Any of these fine crystal pendants and chandeliers would fit equally well into a crumbling mansion on the Florida Bayou or a secret underground cave beneath an ancient cemetery. For reading and plotting, every vampire needs a comfortable chair or stone slab and a stylish table lamp. I’d recommend our Eglo Diadema Table Lamp or the simple beauty of the Asfour Floral Design Table Lamp for this purpose.

Lexington Crystal Chandelier

For the Modern Vampire

No matter how ancient they may be, some vampires refuse to be trapped in the past. They prefer a slick, modern look for their homes. These vampires seek out tall apartment buildings with blackout curtains that they can open at night to enjoy stunning views of the CBD while feeling morally conflicted. They’re also attracted to midcentury modern houses deep in the woods, well shaded by trees.

Vento Uragano Ceiling Fan

If this is your scene, then you might want to take a look at our Vento Uragano lighted ceiling fan. It’s got a futuristic design and a powerful motor, and it can help clear the smell of blood and rotting flesh. The Eglo Tofo Pendant Light suggests claws and fangs, perfect for celebrating vampire physiology. The graceful shape of the Joyce Chrome Table Lamp is reminiscent of the vampire’s mistress, the moon, and it provides the perfect amount of light for reading Anne Rice novels. When a dim light is what’s needed, the Eglo Croco Mosaic Glass Table Lamp, with its cracked, blood red shade, is a light fixture that any vampire would be proud to own.

Lighting illusions has a vast selection of pendants, table lamps and more. Whether you’re an immortal Child of Evil or a potential meal, you’re sure to find the perfect lighting for your hidden sanctuary.