Martec Ceiling Fans

Lighting Illusions believes in providing the best and high quality ceiling fans for every Australian home. We offer only superior brands that are innovative and durable just like our Martec ceiling fans.

For over 40 years, Martec ceiling fans has been a leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, exhaust-heater fans, and lighting products. Customers and clients can depend on Martec’s goal of providing quality environmentally efficient products at reasonable prices. Lighting Illusion offer several Martec brands, including Martec, Four Seasons, Tropical Breeze, Reef Breeze, Tradetec, and Moon Lighting.

The ceiling fans created by Martec are among the best in the industry and complies with Australian standards in quality, design and safety. The ceiling fan motors installed in each Martec fan is guaranteed to perform outstandingly. Sturdy and elegantly designed, each Martec ceiling fans not only provides cooling comfort to every room but also adds charm to your living space. Moreover, Martec has also introduced some innovative products such as ceiling fans with lights as well as an exquisite variety of remote controlled fans.

Martec ceiling fans also offers a wide range of accessories that are very functional and can maximise the efficiency of the product. Each ceiling fan is elegantly designed with exclusive finishes, extension rods, unique and easily adaptable light fixtures including a number of fluorescent models. Dual wall controls as well as remote control kits for ceiling fans are also available at Lighting Illusions.

Aside from its distinct design and excellent performance, Martec Ceiling Fans are also energy and cost efficient. Ceiling fans consumes less energy than air conditioners which can help you save on electricity bills and also lessen on Carbon Footprint. Using Martec ceiling fans during winter can also increase the efficiency of your heating by 10%. Just use the winter setting on your Martec Ceiling Fan and you’ll be able to save money and also reduce on Carbon Footprint.

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