Four Things Every Bedroom Needs to Be Perfect

The best thing to top tables since Coyote Ugly:
There is nothing more annoying switching off your light and stubbing your toe on the end of the bed. Avoid this with a very practical but uber stylish table  or bedside lamp. We have plenty to choose from so if you need some tips give us a call! Shop Table Lamps Now

We're a fan, you should be too:
Summer can be a sweaty mess in Australia and our Winters can require an electric blanket (or six). We recommend a fan with a summer/winter reverse switch. Your summer switch pushes cool air down which is especially wonderful paired with air-conditioning and winter circulates the opposite way and so pushes the toasty air around. Not only are our ceiling fans economical and quiet all year round, they can also be a real statement so go ahead, shop now - you deserve it.

Light up with downlights:
Whether you're adding or swapping, LED downlights will change the feel of your room. With some of the newer technologies you can even test out what colour temperature really highlights your space without buying three types of light. Keep an eye out for downlights listed as CCT (Colour Changing Technology) or Tri-Colour in our downlight range to take full advantage of this revolutionary innovation! 

Instant upgrade:
Do you love the look of carbon filament globes, but realise they are really expensive to run with the rising electricity costs? Boy, do we have a solution for you! By swapping your current globes for an LED alternative, you save power and still maintain that trending aesthetic.