The coolest fans you’ll never hear


Ceiling fans have not, in the main, been a source of aesthetic pleasure in homes or business premises in the past.
But an Australia-based team of Swiss-German engineers has turned that thinking on its head with Aeratron’s AE series.
A natural progression from its multi-award winning range of energy efficient designer DC ceiling fans, the AE series is a stunning advance in modern ceiling fan design, blending carefully crafted 3D aerofoil ABS blades with a patented self-balancing system and highly efficient DC motor.
The result is a stunningly quiet fan that uses around 75% less energy than a traditional ceiling fan – and a fan any designer can be proud to incorporate in their work.
Lighting Illusions has the complete range of this world-class fans.
This new generation of Aeratron DC ceiling fans expands on the original E series and embraces 20 variations, including two and three blades; finishes in white, matt black, silver, wood grain light and wood grain dark; and 50” (1260mm) or 60” (1524mm) diameters.
There is also an optional 6W LED light kit as well as slimline remote hand piece, optional home automation and
wall controller kits.
New to the range is the AE 360” Aeratron, which complements the AE 350” range and is designed for larger spaces where it can move more than 12,000m3 of air using only 17.2W. The AE 350” moves more than 10,000m3 of air using only 18W.
Both do so without the unpleasant swirling noises and wobbling sounds created by conventional ceiling fans.


With Australia’s love for cathedral and high ceilings in mind, Aeratron has, in tandem with the release of the AE series, designed an extension rod kit that allows the whole range of fans to be installed in such ceilings, bringing new installation possibilities.
Aeratron’s smooth air circulation systems are engineered to silently deliver comfortable living and working environments for the home and office. The organic design and quality finishes of Aeratron fans will exceed your highest aesthetic demands.
A winner of multiple international design awards, Aeratron’s ceiling fan technology can help you realise up to a 50% energy reduction when employed in tandem with your air condition or heating systems.
Additional benefits of installing Aeratron fans can include improvements in health and a more productive work environment.


Aeratron says its guiding philosophy ‘merges innovative technology with the natural world to create harmonious design that beautifully enhance human habitation and activity’.
The company aims to provide simple, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing products at affordable prices.
Through continued interaction with end-users, architects, engineers and industry leaders, Aeratron is creating a different class of eco-efficient air-moving products.
The Aeratron team formed in 2008, is based in Brisbane and services both domestic and international markets.
Aeratron is currently developing more eco-efficient and sustainable products that will be available in the marketplace soon.
We can help you acquire the right fan for your home thanks to our huge range and expert advice. Find out more about Aeratron here.