Three ceiling fans for three decorating styles

The lighting you select can make a significant difference in your home, but so can your choice of ceiling fan. Fortunately, fans come in many styles, shapes, and colours today, which can complement your lighting and your decor. Depending on your personal sense of style, there are a number of different ceiling fans - including some with light kits - that will work for you. Before you choose your ceiling fan, take a careful look at your decorating style and consider what will work the best with it. Then you can choose a fan you'll be happy with for a long time.

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Simple yet elegant is often a good decorating style, and a good choice for a fan. The White Intercept fan with halogen light can give you a very simple look, while still providing the elegance you've been wanting. It's a modern design but still timeless, and can be used as a focal point or as something that blends into the background, depending on how you choose to decorate. With so many options and the opportunity to avoid having your fan clash with any colour scheme, it's a wonderful choice for just about any room.

If you're looking for something that's bold and not designed to blend in easily, there are also good choices for that. Consider the Multi-Coloured Harlequin 6-blade fan in polished chrome. It comes with an optional light kit, so you can have a great lighting choice and a fan that's going to get noticed. Whether you're using it for a fun, funky playroom for your children, or you want it to be the star of your living room, there are plenty of ways you can use this colourful fan in your home. It's not the only brightly coloured model, either, so there's plenty to choose from.

For a look that's industrial yet elegant, consider the Typhoon Mach 2 ceiling fan. The burnt copper colour is the perfect accent piece for just about any room in your home, so you can choose this fan and enjoy the way it looks for years to come. When you want a fan that's going to showcase the beauty in your home, but that's still understated, a fan like this is a good selection. You could make it a focal point, but you can also use it as an accent piece or allow it to blend in. Its beauty and versatility are both valuable.

No matter what kind of decorating style you have and what kind of lighting and ceiling fan options you like, Lighting Illusions has plenty of ways you can add to the beauty of your home with the right fan and the right lights. You can get a look you'll love for years and years.