Why Install a Ceiling Fan?

While we certainly know that ceiling fans can keep us cool and increase comfort during the warmer months, one of the biggest drawcards for installing a fan in your home is that they can dramatically reduce your energy bills in both summer and winter.

Ceiling fans are super economical to use. With most ceiling fans costing just 3 cents an hour to run, they’re a much more economical choice than relying on air-conditioning to cool down, which uses use 2000+ watts an hour by comparison.

According to research, the breeze generated by a ceiling fan will make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler.

And while sometimes a fan alone won’t cut it – we get it, summer in the tropics is hot – using a ceiling fan in conjunction with an airconditioner can lead to a saving of up to 40% on your power bill. Not to mention the savings for the environment!