Why you need fans even if you have air conditioners


Do you use your ceiling fans alone until it gets too hot and then turn on your air conditioner and turn the fans off?
That’s a common mistake because using your air conditioner and ceiling fan in tandem can save you some serious money.
But to do that, you have to use them properly. Here’s a few tips to do just that.

One direction
First, make sure your fan is spinning the right direction. Many fans are reversible so you can use them to help heat your home in winter.
But for summer, fans need to turn in the right direction to actually cool you off. Don’t worry about clockwise or counter-clockwise.
The fan should be pushing air down. You should be able to feel a breeze when standing directly under it. If you can’t feel the breeze, turn off the fan and flip the switch that changes the direction of the blades. The switch is usually located on the base of the fan.

A matter of degrees
Next, turn up the thermostat on your air conditioner.
This step is important because if you only turn on your fan, you’ll actually be using more energy (and spending more money) than you were without it.
To be fair, it won’t be a lot more as fans don’t use a lot of energy, but every bit counts, right? So set your air con up about 2 or 3 degrees.
Don’t worry about feeling too warm. The breeze created by your fan should keep you comfortable. A leading international agency says that if you use air conditioning, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 2°c with no reduction in comfort.

Power down
Finally, turn off fans in unoccupied rooms and when you leave the house.
Remember, fans do not lower the temperature in your home, they make the air feel cooler. It’s the same reason windy days feel colder than normal days even if the temperature is the same (wind chill). So leaving fans on in rooms that have no one in them wastes money.


Helping hand from you fans
As you can see, the ceiling fan itself doesn’t save you the money on air conditioning costs — the savings come from turning up your thermostat. (And every degree you can raise your thermostat saves you more money).
But the ceiling fan enables you to remain comfortable while raising the thermostat. Yes, it’s all about teamwork.
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