Your Guide to Nailing Your Coastal Lighting Look
Your Guide to Nailing Your Coastal Lighting Look
June 17, 2022

Your Guide to Nailing Your Coastal Lighting Look

If there’s one current lighting trend that we’re FANS of, it’s Coastal Lighting! This lighting trend has been dramatically rising in popularity and we can’t get enough of the blissful, relaxing and beachy vibes accomplished when our customers nail their coastal lighting look!

Touches of Rattan

Keeping to natural tones and textures is a sure way to mimic beachy and coastal vibes in your space. We find one of the most popular choices when creating coastal lighting looks are Rattan pendants and lamps! We normally see these placed over dining tables, in bathrooms, along kitchen islands, in the bedroom, next to couches, in foyers and along hallways. Placing touches of rattan throughout your home helps to keep the beachy and coastal vibes consistent from start to finish! 


Nautical Elements

Nail your coastal lighting look by using clean and simple lighting elements throughout your home. Adding touches of weathered looks with nautical accents really helps drive the coastal vibes home! We love seeing nautical lighting used in the outdoor spaces of our customer's homes. These great little additions offer loads of functional benefits, by illuminating all the great accents in your outdoor spaces and they look awesome doing it. Weathered and nautical outdoor lighting will fit right in with your coastal look and create an uninterrupted beachy vibe!


Seaside Colours & Textures

We all know that rattan and natural tones look awesome, but adding pops of seaside colours and textures adds depth, personality and eccentrics to your coastal lighting look! Mimic seaside textures throughout your home with your indoor decorations, lamps and pendants. Brightening your space with these awesome seaside features is easy if you pop a few lamps in your space. You won’t need to worry about installation or placement when using a lamp and you can move them around to suit your space as you see fit. These quirky products will keep your beachy coastal vibes looking fresh, breezy and clean!


Tropical Fans

Now, this one isn’t quite lighting, but keeping a consistent and clean look throughout your whole home is the key to nailing your design! Bring in elements of relaxed, natural palms with these tropical ceiling fans. You can have the breezy beach look and feel with these tropical ceiling fans!