Bring your reno to life

The trend in Australia toward renovating homes has exploded in recent years.
Driven on by the huge popularity of home renovation shows on TV, the economics of remodelling an existing dwelling plus the sheer sense of achievement of making a home truly your own are just some of the reasons Aussie are in love with the reno.

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Some do it to ‘flip’ the home for a profit – taking an ugly duckling and turning it into a swan, selling it and moving on to the next on.
Others simply want to create a home of their own, modifying it in varying degrees from the subtle to the radical to suit their needs. This can include a house you’ve called home for some time that needs modifying to met changing needs, such as new members of the family or indeed the kids leaving home.
Whatever the reason, this boom of the past decade or so shows no signs of slowing down and has lead to a massive increase in trades and services aimed not at the traditional builder but at people like you and me and of varying skill and knowledge levels.
At Lighting Illusions, we understand your passion for renovation. Our professional staff are ready to invest in your dreams and help you realise them with the right advice and wide range of products to meet all budgets, needs and tastes.
In fact, there’s nothing we like better than helping home renovators solve their lighting, ceiling fan and exhaust fan puzzles.
Whatever style of renovation project you’re tackling, we can help. So drop in to one of our stores, phone us or have a look online - and let us will add inspiration and motivation to bring your reno to life.