How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Home
How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Home
June 17, 2022

How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Home

Have you ever wanted your own personal assistant? Picture this - You come home after a long hard day’s work to realise that your garage door and lights turned on automatically before you even turned into your driveway. As you enter your home and walk down your automatically lit hallway you realise your lights are the perfect shade for you. You decide it’s best to curl up on the couch for a relaxing night of your favourite show, but realise that you forgot to turn on the heater. No need to worry, without moving the slightest, you call for Google to turn on your heater and sit back comfortably.

With smart technology, you can calibrate your perfect home life. Set your lights to be the perfect shade for you and even set timers on your outside porch lights for security. The possibilities are endless! With the BrilliantSmart app, you can customise everything to your ideal standards. Here we list some of our favourite applications for Brilliant Smart technology!

1. Enhance Room Ambiance

Create the ideal ambience in your home by using a smart bulb that has a dimmable and colour-changing function. Using the BrilliantSmart app you can select the ideal colour and brightness for your space. Whether you want to create an at-home theatre or your own disco theme, you can change this easily using the Brilliant Smart range.

2. Home Security

Feel more secure than ever before by setting timers for your outside lights to turn on and off automatically. During winter you will find it much darker in the mornings and nights, by setting your outside lights to turn on at specific times in the morning or night you can feel safe no matter when you’re coming and going. Better yet, set your outside lights to turn on when they detect movement! Smart lighting can even help increase the security of your home when you’re on holiday. Control your lights from the BrilliantSmart app on your mobile device to make it look like you’re actually at home! Or go a step further and use smart home cameras which again can be checked on your smartphone and can even include an alarm feature.

3. Reduce Stress

We have all experienced running late for work or the school run, it’s a slippery slope from being late to forgetting to turn off household appliances like the iron. Reduce your stress levels by using smart technology, no matter where you find yourself you can control your home appliances from the comfort of your own phone. This means if you forget to turn off appliances like the iron, you can instead turn it off from your phone when you aren’t even home.

4. Children’s Comfort and Safety

Are your kids scared of the dark? Help your kids have the best sleep possible by using dimmable smart lighting. You can control the colour and even dim your children’s lights from your phone. This means if they’re fast asleep with the light on, you don’t need to risk waking them up, instead turn the light off using your smartphone from the comfort of your own bed. If your child is scared of the dark you can use motion-controlled lighting in the hallways so that they can get up in the middle of the night. Best of all, let your child use their imagination to find their favourite colour for their bedroom light!

5. Cut Down Power Bills

Save money and reduce your power bills by switching to smart technology. Being able to control exactly when you use your lighting, heating and other appliances from the BrilliantSmart app means that you can make sure to only have them running when necessary. You can schedule your heating on a timer to make sure it isn’t running all night. You can also use motion-controlled sensors for your lighting so they are only turned on when required. Control your energy consumption from the convenience of a smartphone!

6. Create an Impressive Outdoor Entertainment Area

When it comes to your outdoor areas, smart lighting can really increase the convenience, impressiveness and aesthetics of your home. Compliment your garden and flowers by installing outdoor lighting! You can really impress your guests by using voice-controlled smart lighting and appliances. Ensure you’re never caught out in the dark again by using motion-controlled outdoor lights for the ultimate convenience.

Do You Have More Questions About Smart Lighting and Technology?

Our friendly customer service team are more than happy to chat with you about how to make your house smarter. It is as easy as purchasing a BrilliantSmart WiFi plug which can convert most electrical appliances to smart control. Simply connect your smart plug into your power point, connect to WiFi and you’re good to go!

Speak to our team to get more information on smart lighting and technology or check out the Brilliant Smart range!