Bathroom Lighting Tips

Choosing the lighting for your home is always fun, and in some of your rooms, all you really have to think about is how it will look; you can choose fixtures that you love and the level of brightness to suit the atmosphere you want to create. But when it comes to lighting your bathroom, the first thing you have to think about is practicality.

There’s such a huge range available in lighting stores today that it’s not hard to find lights you love, yet there’s no point in fitting a light that looks great but casts either too much shadow or causes glare, so that you can’t see what you’re doing. Nobody wants to emerge from the bathroom with smudged makeup or a patchy shave, so first think carefully about the areas you need to have well lit, and don’t forget about the dampness in the air.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

A vanity light above your bathroom mirror should minimise shadows on your face, and translucent shades are best for avoiding glare. I’d avoid clear glass fixtures where the globe is visible. Choose something like the Eglo Gita Fluorescent Vanity Light to mount above the mirror. This sleek and elegant light features frosted glass and a chrome finish.

Eglo Gita Vanity Light 8w

One of my favourite ways to provide light at the bathroom mirror is to use sconces on either side; fit them at face height to give the best light possible. The thing I love about sconces in the bathroom is that they’re not just practical for your everyday tasks, they also provide a glowing accent for the whole room. Take a look at the 1 Light Mood Frosted Glass Fluorescent Wall Sconce for an example of what we have on offer. Its brushed chrome finish brings the softest modern note to the space.

Mercator Mood MW4411 Wall Light

Beautiful Bathrooms

For lighting over your bath and shower areas, I don’t think you can beat downlights. Placed in a row along the bath or at the showerhead, they create a lighter, brighter space and eliminate any shadowy corners.

Chandelier Over The Tub

Many of my most stylish clients nowadays are going for a freestanding bathtub, and a beautiful chandelier over the bath is a sure-fire hit of elegant glamour you can enjoy every day. To keep your look cohesive, make sure you coordinate the finishes and materials of taps and fittings with your light fixtures. For example, if you have chrome taps, you’ll get a better finish overall if you choose chrome finishes for your lights.

Finally, keep in mind that the bathroom is a wet area. Make sure that you choose lights that will be protected from splashes and that can stand up to humidity.

Shopping for your lighting online is so easy you’ll wonder why you ever shopped any other way, and at Lighting Illusions, we’ve got every single thing you need to give you the perfectly-lit bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.