Four tips for Interior Lighting

Add to the overall design of a space by mixing it up with both floor and table lighting. Multiple light sources can enhance a room's ambience and mood, while a tall floor lamp teamed with table lamps in different colours and designs can really amp up the interest and wow factor.

A table lamp doesn't have to be large to make a statement - smaller designs can have just as much impact. Create drama in a minimalist space with an eccentric black lamp with a shiny black base, a cool retro design or a table lamp with fun floral details.

Consider the size of your sofa before deciding on a floor lamp to sit over it. Bigger is generally better with large or long fixtures in a space, so instead of teaming a small floor lamp with a spacious modular couch, go for something that is more to scale and your decorating dilemma will be solved. The same goes for small occasional chairs. Anything too large just isn't necessary so tone it down and look for something smaller to medium-sized instead.

Downlights provide beautiful ambient lighting to a room. However, be careful not to overdo it. Remember that downlights shouldn't be a space's sole source of light; use them sparingly for the best result. Avoid your living room's ceiling looking like a runway and instead place your downlights strategically, with a large floor lamp doing most of the illuminating work.

Don't ruin the look of your lounge room by stringing a lamp cord across the carpet to the power point. Not only will it ruin the style of your space, but having cords lying around can increase the risk of trips. Avoid this unsightly mistake by having another outlet installed near your couch or opting for a different type of light, like a pendant light