Why install an Exhaust Fan!

1. Minimize ceiling clutter and save on costs

A 3 in 1 bathroom and exhaust heater, light and exhaust fans is the best investment for your home. These appliances combine the essentials to make sure your bathroom is functional all year. Not only is a 3 in 1 functional but it will also help you save on multiple installations and purchase costs. 

2. Reduce the time of your morning routine

If you make a habit of having a steaming hot shower to start your day off then a 3 in 1 is a must-have. Running the exhaust fan while you have a shower will stop your mirrors and glass from fogging up. As a result, you will be able to power through the rest of your morning routine without having to wait the fog out or battle to wipe your mirror clean.

3. Reduce mould and mildew build-up and keep your bathroom smelling fresh

Running your exhaust fan each time you step into your shower is imperative to keeping nasty bacteria such as mould and mildew at bay. You will eventually need to break out the cleaning gear, however running this effective appliance will help minimise the frequency. You will also be able to maintain a fresher smelling bathroom without the frequent use of deodorizers. 

4. Slow the deterioration of your bathroom

The build-up of moisture, mould, and mildew can take your bathroom from fab to drab quickly. Extracting the moisture from your bathroom with the exhaust fan will help keep your paint, doors, and fixtures in pristine condition for far longer.

4. Help take the bite out of winter with heat lamps

Bathrooms are often full of cold tiles and concrete, making your bathroom the coldest space in your home. When the cooler months roll in you won’t want to have to rush your bathroom routine to avoid freezing. Using the heat lamps on your 3 in 1 will warm the room to a comfortable temperature so that you can go at your normal pace when stepping to the shower.