All about Air Extraction

How high does the air extraction rate have to be for my bathroom?

Air extraction is measured in cubic meters per hour or m3/hr for short. The higher the number the more air your fan will be able to remove. As a result, a good exhaust fan will remove the moist air making sure that mould and mildew does not have a chance to grow. Here you will learn how to determine how much air extraction your bathroom requires. 

How do I know how much air extraction I need? How can I figure this out?

1. Take measurements of your room ensuring that you have the length, width, and ceiling height. 

2. Once you have the measurements mentioned above multiply them. For example 3m x 2.5m x 2.5m = 18.75m3 ( L x W x H = m3)

3. Find out how many air changes your room requires per hour. Generally, laundry or powder rooms with a single toilet require approximately 10 and bathrooms with a bath or shower require 15.

4. Taking your answer from step 2 multiply this with your answer from step 3. For example 18.75 x 15 = 281.25 m3/hr. This answer indicates that we should be looking for an exhaust fan with a minimum air extraction rate of 281m3/hr. This information is displayed in the product specifications.

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