A Stroll Through Our Garden Lighting

We’ve got plenty of sun and long, warm summers, so it makes perfect sense to invest in our gardens and outdoor living spaces. After dark, why go indoors when the fantastic garden lighting at Lighting Illusions means you can enjoy entertaining and relaxing outdoors in the cool evening air?

Lighting Your Way

Garden lighting comes in many shapes and sizes, and one of the first things most people think about is lighting to show where paths, steps and other important circulation features are, for ease of movement and safety. Of course, garden lighting enhances your property’s appearance, as well.

Spike lighting is a great option for outdoors. Once you have inserted them into the ground, you can adjust the angles of spike lights to shine wherever you want. Check out the Cool White Adjustable Spike Light for just one example of what’s on offer. Made from marine grade stainless steel, it shouldn’t rust even if you live near the ocean or have a saltwater pool. These lights look great lining a path or around the edges of your pool. Because LED lighting is so energy efficient, you can use these lights outdoors without worrying too much about high energy bills or frequently having to change the globes.

Pond Life

If you have a pond in your garden, think about using submersible lights to highlight it at night. The Submersible Pond Light 316 is designed to show off the beautiful plants and fish in your pond, and if you’re having a party at home, your guests won’t stumble into it by mistake. The marine grade stainless steel should resist everything Mother Nature throws at it, as long as it’s properly maintained, and you’ll get double the enjoyment out of the pond if you can see it after dark.

Lights On Show

Post lights that cast illumination over a wide area will light up your whole garden space if that’s what you want, and shopping for lighting online means you’ll find just what you’re after. Once you’ve made sure that all the practical steps have been taken so that your exterior is safely and attractively lit, now’s the time to think about giving the garden a huge splash of style with some of our statement lights.

Take something like the Black Eglo Ferroterra Designer Lamp and you’ll see just what I mean. This floor lamp features a brushed black spherical steel cage with an opal glass diffuser, giving you a soft white glow. The lamp is conveniently fitted with four metres of power cable, so you can place it just about anywhere you like. IP54 rated, it resists the elements, including rain and bright sunlight.


Have a look at the amazing selection of garden lights available now at Lighting Illusions; from keeping you safe to giving your property the ultimate in kerb appeal, we’ve got it covered.