Light up your summer day or night



When you think about lighting to enhance your home you probably think of the interior only.
But that can be just half the story – if first impressions count then exterior lighting can give your home the wow factor by the bucket load.
And just like inside, you can tailor your lighting to suit the style and mood you’re after as well as building in flexibility to match the role each segment of your outdoors plays.
With summer upon us, the time’s right to have an outdoors that you can make the most of anytime of the day or evening.
Deck and in-ground lights, wall and pillar lights, and sensor lights can be used to illuminate paths, walkways, driveways and other access points to improve not only the look but the safety and security of your home.
It’s a given that a well-illuminated home deters unwanted visitors – and you don’t have to light your home up like a runway to achieve that either.
As well, you can use lighting placement and even the colour of the light source to highlight trees, statues, trellises, pergolas and other structures as well as to set a mood.
Here’s Lighting Illusion’s 6 hot tips for effective outdoor lighting:

Conceal the light source
For the best effect, the light fixtures used to your home, garden and plants should be hidden from view. That way, what you are illuminating is the focus and not the light. It also adds to the ‘magic’ of the effect. The exception is, of course, if you are using fixtures that are decorative and a focal point in their own right.

Light up the path
Keep your family and visitors safe while walking to doors and other access points by illuminating the path with exterior in-ground lights. Focus the light towards the ground and not upwards so you won’t dazzle anyone.


Don’t exaggerate
The secret to good style is knowing when enough is enough so don’t go overboard especially with bright lights. Aim for a softer glow for your outdoors with exceptions for pathways and driveways that need to be well-lit.

Save the planet and your wallet
Go for low voltage exterior lights that not only create the perfect ambience for your yard and garden but also save energy and reduce your power bills.

It’s all about … timing
Try using timers for your exterior lighting – set them to turn lighting on and off at specific pre-set times and it will it appear you’re home when you’re not as well as making it easier for you to enjoy your yard without having to go back to turn on the lights when you’d rather be relaxing.

We are the professionals
As exterior lighting specialists, we know about new trends, products and innovation. Lighting Illusions can save you money as well as time, while providing you with a much improved exterior lighting plan for your home. Shop our great range of exterior lighting here.