LED Exterior Floodlights: A great option for saving money

A lot of people put floodlights up on the outside of their home. They might do that so they can see better at night, to feel safer, or to discourage people from coming onto their property. No matter what reason you choose for outdoor lighting, floodlights can really brighten up an area. If you're doing something fun, like having a backyard party, these lights can be a great way to bring plenty of brightness to the yard so everyone can see more clearly. With the right exterior lighting, you can light up the night without annoying your neighbours or running up a high power bill. Choosing the best lighting option for your needs doesn't have to be difficult. Just carefully consider the features you want in your new floodlight.

Floodlights generally don't use a lot of power, and you can get options that only come on when they sense motion. By doing that, you'll keep them from being on all the time, and keep your power bill lower. Of course, you can also switch your motion-sensing floodlights to be on all the time, so you can use them more effectively if you need to keep the lights on for a while. There are plenty of great lighting options to choose from, including those with one lamp or two, and in different colours and designs. You can get a light that will work well with your exterior decor, whether you want it to blend in or stand out.

For example, a good choice for an exterior floodlight would be the Black 2X 8W COB LED 5000K Adjustable Double Exterior Floodlight With Sensor. It has a sleek, elegant look, and provides plenty of light for anything you want to do. With the motion sensor, it's also a great way to protect your property, since it will come on if anyone walks by or gets too close. Sometimes animals can also set off a motion sensor floodlight, but these lights can be adjusted to avoid a lot of that. By using the 8W COB LED globes, this exterior floodlight will use only a small amount of energy when compared to the more common and traditional halogen choices.

By mounting the floodlight between 1.5 & 2.5m (6 to 8ft) from the ground, you can get the maximum effect of good lighting and proper use of the motion sensor. Whether it's for a home or a workplace, this light is a great choice for protection and overall lighting. With a manual override, you can use the light with or without the motion sensor, so you can turn it of for a while if you don't want it sensing motion or leave it on as a more traditional light so you can see what's taking place around you. The versatility of this light and the quality if offers are just two of the reasons why it's such a popular option. While not dimmable, it provides a daylight colour temperature that's easy on the eyes and still provides plenty of illumination.

Gone are the days of having clunky, halogen floodlights mounted to your home. With the sleek new range of LED exterior floodlights from Lighting Illusions, your floodlights can be as modern as your exterior.