Solar Powered Exterior Spotlights - Brilliant!

Exterior solar lights used to be seen by some as “a trend that won’t last”, but skyrocketing energy prices and renewed interest in more ecologically sound lights have spurred companies to bring new, well-made models to market, and these lights deliver in many ways.

Cost Savings

Solar lights are a money-saver. Once purchased and installed, there is no recurring cost for electricity. The low cost of installation for exterior solar powered lights avoids a major hurdle of outdoor lighting: expensive wiring by a professional electrician. The ability to install the lights yourself will save you money, even if the initial per-unit cost of solar lights is a bit higher than the cost of traditional lighting. Solar landscape lighting is easy to install and because it does not require extensive wiring, it is within most people's technical capabilities and won’t take much time. If you want to relocate an exterior solar spotlight to highlight an area of your house or garden or to provide additional safety at night, you can do so easily. Solar spotlights are unobtrusive and can be tucked into the landscaping without disturbing plants or other existing features, so there are no landscaping costs.

Solar = Good For the Environment

Most solar powered lights utilise Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Recent innovations in LED technology allow solar lights to produce a large amount of light without using much electricity, even more so than models made just a few years ago. Furthermore, LED lights last many times longer than fluorescent or incandescent lights, with many rated to last upwards of 75,000 hours or 3,125 days of use.

Many LED solar light systems use a battery that is large enough to allow several nights of use even if there happens to be cloudy or overcast weather. However, check the manufacturer's instructions that comes with your lighting, as batteries may need to be replaced every few years. Solar powered lights basically consist of a panel that collects energy from the sun, a storage battery and a lamp. Since solar powered lights turn on and off based on the amount of natural light shining on their sensors, they will always switch on when it gets dark no matter the hour of actual sunset, freeing you from having to reset or program timers. This saves even more energy.

Be Secure With Solar

Solar powered exterior lights provide safety and security by allowing a clear view of your property at night. Good lighting at night is essential in avoiding accidents or falls. Solar lights can be combined with motion sensors so they will automatically turn on, and they can provide protection from property damage, as a well-lit property is a strong deterrent to vandals and burglars. Finally, because solar powered lights are not connected to the power grid, they will continue to function during an electrical outage, ensuring you can get around your property safely at night.

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