Stylish Porch Lights

A Warm Welcome Home

Mercator Tilbury Exterior Wall Lantern

A few weeks ago, I wrote about outdoor lighting; anything to do with outdoor living is close to the Australian heart, and we all make an effort to get the most out of it. Moving onto more specific areas of your outdoor space, I think getting your porch lighting right really is one of the best ways to make any Australian house perfect. Providing a warm welcome home is one of the greatest benefits. And since we all love the al fresco lifestyle, lighting your porch properly means you and your family can spend warm evenings outside, catching up on emails, having a cool drink, playing games or simply relaxing.

Getting It Right

Mercator Heritage Wall LightMercator Lume Wall LightEglo Alicante Round

The lights you choose can really enhance the style of your home, and you can find something for every taste and budget on our website. For an older or traditional house, something like the Heritage Exterior Black Cast Aluminium Wall Light would be ideal. Its black finish means it would go with any colour scheme, but I can see it working especially well either against simple white walls and woodwork for the monochrome look, or with a muted green for something softer. Lume will rust if its near the ocean. I think the Lume 304 Stainless Steel Exterior Wall Light would look terrific on a porch painted blue and white, with striped fabric on your chairs to finish it off. If you’re keen on bringing a touch of Mediterranean chic to your porch, then I can see the Eglo Alicante Steel Nickel Frosted Round Exterior Wall Light looking perfect against warm yellow or terracotta walls and woodwork.

Light From Above

Mercator Pearl Ceiling Light

Of course, wall lights are just one of the ways to illuminate your outdoor space. Using fixtures that cast their light downward could be better for reading and other leisurely tasks. The Premium Exterior Light is perfect for coastal and outdoor conditions and creates stunning lighting effects on walls. It would work particularly well outside a more modern style house, with its clean lines and steely good looks. If you want to light your porch area really well, but also want to keep the light fitting quite discreet, then a ceiling fixture such as the Pearl Round Exterior Ceiling Light is just the ticket. This fixture would be great for a stylish, modern house or for coastal living, where it suits the ocean-side vibe.

Safe And Sound

Rio Single Spot

One of the benefits of outdoor lighting is that it adds to your personal security around your home. You can also choose sensor lights, which only come on when someone approaches. If your porch is at the front of your house and you are sitting out at the back, keeping your porch lit after dark is a sensible security measure, and it’s also a great way to welcome friends.

If you’re looking for a new porch light, then lighting illusions has some great options.