How Do We Measure Light?

When you’re choosing the right light globes for your home, you’re probably accustomed to looking at the wattage; you might choose a 60 or 100 watt globe when you need bright light, and 40 watts for when you want a gentler glow for a table lamp. But the wattage only tells you how much power your globe is using and it’s not the best way to tell how bright it will be. The unit of measurement you really need when choosing your light globes is the lumen, which is the amount of light streaming out from the light source. The number of lumens might be written on the packaging as 900 lm, for example.


Getting The Light Just Right

We all want our homes to be attractive and well lit. Lighting can make or break the perfect ambience for evenings at home; you want to be able to read in comfort and you also need to be able to perform tasks around the house in safety and with ease. The lighting you choose becomes even more important as time goes on, as I talked about in a recent blog post.

How Much Light Does Each Room Need?

LED Light Output

The amount of light you need depends on more than the size of the space. For a large room, you need at least 1,000 lumens, but if you have more than one light fitting in the room, then 600-700 lumens is enough. An average-sized room will also require 600-700 lumens. One of the most important places in your house to get the lighting right is in the stairways, so there you would also need at least 1,000 lumens. If the light fitting has more than one light globe, then 300-400 lumens in each globe should be sufficiently bright. For the lights that you have under your kitchen cabinets to illuminate your counter, then 250 lumens will do the job.

Checking The Units

The packaging on your light globe will tell you the number of lumens it produces, but as a rough guide, you can assume that an 80 watt halogen globe, a 20 watt fluorescent globe or a 10 watt LED globe should all give you 1,000 lumens.

Choosing The Globe For You

There’s never been a better range of globes that will both improve the lighting in your home and also reduce your electricity costs. Our website provides an excellent guide to choosing the perfect light for you and your home. There are three types of globe to choose from: fluorescent, halogen and LED. The LED globes are the most expensive to purchase initially, but they last for many years and in time, pay for themselves by reducing your electricity bills.

Shades Of Perfection

The other thing to think about is the colour of light you prefer, which we call the colour temperature. You can find the colour either on the packaging or in the website information. Choosing between a warm white, cool white or daylight spectrum means you can get the lighting perfect for your needs and your personal taste.