It’s Far Past Time To Get Rid of Your Incandescents

As far back as 2007, the Australian government introduced minimum energy performance standards for lighting products. From 2008 on, no non-compliant lighting was allowed to be imported into our country, and by the end of 2009, there was a ban on the retail sale of non-compliant globes. The minimum standard is 15 lumens per watt, which means that most incandescent light globes are no longer available.


Outdated And Out Of Time

It is fair to say that ahead of the ban, there were a number of people who were anxious that the energy-efficient globes wouldn’t provide the same level of brightness and the attractive colour rendition they were used to with incandescents. Well, five years on, if you’re still using these outdated globes, it is time to take another look at what’s on the market. Not only will you save yourself money on your electricity bill if you switch to energy-efficient globes, you’ll be absolutely amazed by the quality of the light they can provide. The technology has advanced quite a bit during the past decade.

Lighting Revolution

If you haven’t yet tried LED lights, then now is the time. Domestic LED lighting has brought so much to the world that the team behind it won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2014. No matter what your practical needs are, there is something for you in the LED range at Lighting Illusions. The cost of LED globes is coming down all the time, and they pay for themselves quickly by reducing your power bills. Add to that the convenience of rarely having to change the globe and a range of options for colour rendition, and you’re onto a winner.

Fluorescent Future

Another great alternative is the compact fluorescent globe. Easy on your pocketbook, fluorescent globes provide a good level of brightness while reducing your carbon footprint, and they last a lot longer than incandescents. Today’s compact fluorescents are available in warm tones that mimic the look of incandescents.

Halogens: High Efficiency Incandescents

You’ll notice that halogen globes are still available since they meet the minimum standards, but they are still incandescent, and they’re not as efficient as LED and fluorescent globes. Some people think that the quality of light from energy efficient globes is poor quality; that it's not as nice a colour as the light from incandescents. Fluorescents (which are-or at least, used to be-a cooler tone) and LEDs, which are very directional and also lack the warm glow of an incandescent. When CFs first available fifteen years ago, this was a huge issue with people. Some older people (as in, people my age and older-I'm 45) still have the impression that the light from the high efficacy globes is ugly and poor quality, and many of them hoarded incandescents just before they were outlawed. I know people who did this.

Shine In Style

At Lighting Illusions, you’ll find table lamps, desk lamps for close work and floor lamps designed especially for the new high efficiency globes. One of the most stylish options you can choose is LED track spotlights, which you can position to light every corner of your kitchen or to show your favourite paintings off to their best advantage. The retro industrial chic of LED filament globes is the perfect match for the current fashion: industrial-style lighting with exposed light globes. Of course, both LED and CF globes are available to fit your current fixtures, as well.