Sconces to use with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Earlier in the year, I blogged about sconces, and I still have a real soft spot for this sometimes overlooked light fixture. My clients often say to me that they only think of sconces for their hallways, but they will look terrific in any room of your house. They’re the perfect shortcut to a cozy glow at the flick of a switch, and wall lighting is the best solution for keeping the edges of any room well lit.

The Least Expensive High Efficiency Bulbs

Mercator Allure Wall Light

Compact fluorescent globes aren’t the most efficient type of high efficiency lighting, though they’re close. However, they do offer a combination of low initial cost, low running cost and higher than average life expectancy that has made them a very popular choice for homes as well as businesses. They’re easy to transition to because they work well in fixtures that were designed for incandescent bulbs. There’s one issue with this type of lighting, however: the appearance of the globes.

Although some people find the twisted glass tubes that make up compact fluorescent lighting elements attractive, others think they look too strange or industrial. They will function dependably in older light fixtures, but depending on the design of the lighting, they may not have the appearance you’d prefer. If this is the case in your home or office, then you’ve got two options: use the more expensive covered CF globes, or switch out the fixtures.

Sconces that Work With CF Bulbs


If you’re looking for sconces that will work well with inexpensive compact fluorescent globes, then we have plenty to offer. In fact, most of the wall lighting that we have in stock is designed to cover the globe, so any type with the right kind of mount and enough space for a CF bulb will work, both functionally and visually.

For example, many of our round wall lights are either

  1. fully covered, like the Fernandez Antique Brass And Opal Glass Wall Light;
  2. open only to the top, like the Eglo Batista Wipe Technique Glass Wall Light;
  3. or feature a wrap-around design that hides the globe, like the Eglo Rivato White Glass With Chrome Design Wall Light.

A Few of My Favourites


If you’re not fond of the way that the now-standard CF globes look in your existing wall sconces, then now is the perfect time to replace them with something that works better with today’s energy efficient lighting. Here are a few great picks…

Of course, there are many more. Take a quick look at our full selection before making a final decision. I think you’ll be pleased with what we have to offer.