7 lighting mistakes you don’t want to make

Renovating, redecorating or indeed building – all exciting projects. But there’s lots to go wrong, so take these tips from us when it comes to lighting your dream home.
1. Relying on only one light source
The key to good lighting is layering at different heights. Don't rely on only one kind of light source. Mix a variety of overhead and floor or table lamps. Warm 'pools' of light draw people in and create intimacy.

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2. Using overhead lighting that’s too bright

No-one wants their home’s lights to make them feel like they’re onstage. Use dimmers and soft white bulbs in every room, including bathrooms. Lighting shouldn't wash down on you: It's harsh and unflattering.
3. Not thinking about wattage
Mood is everything. Alter the wattage to suit the room’s use – for example, 60 watts for the dining room is perfect while you might want 75w to 100w available in the living room for reading. Again, dimmers are invaluable. The bathroom needs overhead as well as side lighting. Keep the overhead to 75 watts, with 60 watts on each side. The best lighting is at eye level, not overhead, which creates shadows. And the best light is diffused light from a white or off-white lampshade.
4. Going overboard with recessed lighting
A little goes a long way – too much recessed lighting and you run the risk of your ceiling looking like Swiss cheese. And be mindful of where you place that kind of lighting. Consider limiting overhead lighting to functional areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms — this kind of light can be too harsh and flat for living areas.
5. Forgetting about dimmers
As we’ve already discovered, these little gems are invaluable and there’s no reason you can’t use them in every room. There’s a lot to be said for having dimmers available even if you use them in a particular room rarely rather than wishing you had installed one!
6. Light switches in the wrong place
Think carefully about where your light switches are going to be placed – you don’t want them affecting what else you do with the room, such as the placement of furniture and art works. A good rule of thumb is to have them about 90cm from the floor and 5-3cm from the door frame. We can talk you through where switches should you in your rooms, just bring your plans with you.
7. Neglecting your wardrobes
Wardrobes – particularly walk-in robes - need love too. Good, solid lighting means you can tell the difference between that black skirt and that black skirt. A gallery fixture across the header of built-ins as a secondary light source to help with your outfit colour and texture matching … there’s a reason dressing rooms in theatres are so well lit and you can do it too.
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