It’s Time To Consider Switching Your Business Over to LEDs

The lighting industry is an exciting place to work right now, with new developments happening all the time. I’m proud to say this industry is playing a huge part in our planet’s future, helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage with the advent of affordable, practical, full spectrum LED lighting. 

Australia has led the way, banning the sale of incandescent globes, and now homeowners are seeing the benefits of LED lights around the house. LED globes might cost more than their less efficient alternatives, but they last for years and they reduce electricity bills so much that they pay for themselves within a relatively short period of time.

LED Means Business

Chances are, you’re already using at least a few LED globes at home, but what are the benefits of switching to 100% LED lighting for your business? Firstly, consider the importance of lighting in a commercial building. Your business’s use of lighting may well be responsible for a larger percentage of your power use than typical domestic lighting; you’ll probably have your lights on all day. Switching to LEDs could really make a dent in your energy costs, especially if you’re still using low efficiency lighting.

However, it’s not just the efficiency; it’s the long life. Homeowners love LED globes because they rarely need changing. In a business setting, since you pay people to keep your lights working, low-maintenance LED lights just make sense. The can save you money on upkeep as well as on replacement globes. And you often don’t need to replace your light fixtures when you make the switch to LED. LED replacements for existing globes are readily available. 

Government Green Loans and Grants: A Sustainable Way Forward

While all businesses want to keep overhead costs to a minimum, LED lighting is not just about saving dollars, it’s also about saving our planet. If we want a future for our businesses and our families, we all need to work together to reduce our carbon footprint, and that’s why the Australian government is offering what they call green loans and grants to help businesses go green. These funds are available to help businesses who want to improve their energy efficiency, but don’t have the cash on-hand. 

These loans and grants can help you introduce smart new technology or retrofit your business premises to make them more environmentally friendly. Lighting is one of the areas you can improve, and if you’re looking to fit new light fixtures, take a look at the range of commercial LED lighting at Lighting Illusions. From ceiling panel lights for offices to floodlights to keep your exterior safe and secure, we’ve got it all under one roof. You’ll find everything you need in our lighting warehouse. Check out our selection of LED globes to see what’s on offer.