LED Lighting

LED lighting has a retrofit option available for pretty much any lighting application.  You can use them in strip lighting, lamps, downlights, exterior lighting and you can even have LED lighting that is dimmable.

LED lighting works very differently to traditional lighting such as fluorescent or halogen or even the old incandescent globes. All of these relied on either heating an element in a gas or exciting the gas. When you heat an element to make light there is a lot of wasted energy. In an LED there is no element and the light is produced simply by exciting electrons. The result is a light that is more efficient and will last thousands of hours longer than the old types of globes. This saves money on power bills and on replacement costs.

Up until recent times LEDs were quite expensive because of productions costs. As the production of LED lighting became more efficient, these costs came down. LEDs are now used in TVs, Traffic lights, car lighting and numerous other lighting applications.

When you are considering replacing all the lighting in your house for LEDs you need to take this into account. For every watt of power used, a halogen lamp will only produce 15 lumens (a measure of lighting power) of light. Your average household LED fitting will produce over 50 lumens per watt and earlier this year scientists developed whopping 200 lumens per watt LED light. So you can see how the technology is evolving and will only get better. So at 4 times more efficient and thousands of hours extra lifetime it won’t take you long to get a return on that investment!

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and they have been around for a very long time. The earliest digital watches in the 70s had displays of LEDs before the LCD models arrived on the scene. One thing is certain, LED lighting technology is only getting better. More powerful and less expensive.

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