LED lighting for your home photography studio

Having a home photography studio can make for a great hobby, and can also mean a way to make some extra money. Whether you're self-employed and take pictures for a living, or it's just something you do for a little extra cash from time to time, the right lighting is going to have a significant impact on your success, and how much you enjoy your studio. With the right lighting, you can get better pictures, make clients happier, and provide a better finished product.

Of course, the lighting that you use for one photo shoot might not be the same lighting that you want to use for another one. With that in mind, it's much easier to have installed lighting that you can adjust, instead of being required to move a lot of portable lighting around. Not only does that take a lot of time, but also it can keep you from getting the shot you really want. More and more photographers are moving toward LED lighting, for the quality of the light, the ease of use, and the durability it offers.


If you want to use LED lighting for your studio, you may want to consider options like the Neutral White Eglo Bruno 13W LED Dimmable High Output Fixed Downlight IP44, so you can dim down your lights as needed, quickly and conveniently without any trouble. This LED option provides you with the highest lumen output available per watt, so you get as much light as you need without raising your energy costs. That can be a delicate balance with a lot of different lighting options, but Eglo Lighting makes it easy to save money on your energy costs and not sacrifice the quality of the light you're getting.

To make sure you get the best lighting for your photography studio, the Eglo Bruno comes in a range of colour temperatures. You can choose from daylight, neutral white, and warm white, allowing you to meet the needs of various clients and select what is going to work best for the space your studio is in. Depending on the size of the room and its layout, along with the colour on the walls, the props, and everything else, you may need lighting that would be different from what another in-home studio would use. As long as you get the results you want in the finished pictures, you should choose the colour temperature that works best - and having choices is always good.

The 90-degree angle of the light beam is wide, giving you a lot of coverage in a small light and offering 1100 lumens. That will chase all the shadows away and help ensure that your photography subjects get the best possible photos. Shadows can sometimes make an otherwise great picture look less than perfect, and being able to eliminate those shadows easily with the lighting you have in your studio can make everything much easier of a process for you and your clients.