Pick the perfect table lamp in 4 steps

Sometimes all it takes is one perfect table lamp to complete a room. But what makes a perfect design?
There are 4 simple considerations: Shade Height, Lamp Size, Shade Style, and Bulb Type.
To achieve a balanced look and find the best look for your space, use the following tips:


1. Determine the Shade Height
First determine the perfect height range for your  lamp; sit in the space next to where you are going to place the lamp.
Measure from the surface you are placing the lamp to eye level. This is your base measurement.
To find the average height of the shade, divide the base measurement by three.
For example, let’s use 45cm. Divide this number by three, which is 15cm. This is the average height of the shade.
2. Decide on a Size
To determine the estimated height, add 45cm to the shade measurement.
Let’s use a 15cm shade for an example. In this case, the height of the lamp you’ll want is 60cm = (45cm + 15cm shade).
3. Select a Shade Style
The shape and look of the lamp shade is an important style consideration, but you also want to pick a shade that matches how you’ll be using the lamp.
If you will have the design on while watching TV, an opaque shade, or a shade in a dark colour, will help minimise lighting glare.
A semi-opaque shade provides a warm glow for reading and allows for more general room lighting.
4. Purchase the Right Bulb
If the purpose of the lamp is for reading, we recommend using a light bulb that is 60 watts or more. If you’d like to use an energy saving LED bulb, look to the lumens output of the LED and the comparable rating, as you’ll want to see that the bulb is comparable to a 60 watt regular incandescent.
For extra flexibility, choose a dimmable bulb. If you are going to go with LEDs, make sure that the LED bulb is dimmable, as some designs are not.
At Lighting Illusions, we've got the range and advice to help you pick the perfect table lamp to complement any room, so talk to us today!