5 ways to use LEDs to reinvent your living spaces

LED lighting is on trend right now - and with good reason.
They provide effective lighting with increased efficiency to save power. LEDs are cost effective and have a longer life than regular lights or bulbs.
But the one thing stands out most about the LED lights is their use in lighting up interiors of the home.
Here’s five ways you can use the LED lights to reinvent your living space and give it a new look.


You can use LED spots to highlight points in your living space or anywhere in the house, such as artworks.
Use an LED spot just above the work so the light falls on it. It gives amazingly beautiful effect to the space.
You can also use LED spots to highlight and really make the most of object d’art or special pieces resting on surfaces, such as tables or alcoves.
Create illusions
Using LED spots to create an illusion of living space is a hot style tip.
If you have a false ceiling or a even a chandelier or statement piece use LED spots from all corners to focus on it.
This will give an illusion of deep or high ceilings, creating the impact of the room being bigger that it actually is.
Dining room lighting
Use LED lights or spots to light the dining area. Using LED lights over the dining table focusing on spots where you keep dishes or service bowls will give an elegant feel, adding charm to the dining space.

Liven up a boring wall

You can create mesmerising walls by using LED lights. Even a simple painted wall can look enticing if you hook up wall shelves with showpieces and use LED spotlights to highlight them. Your dull and empty walls will come to life.
Jazz up your TV cabinet
Using LED lights for lighting TV cabinets will make the area look great. It will give an elegant effect – almost like theatre lighting.
Aside from these ideas, you can also use LEDs throughout your home, of course, and make the most of their efficiency.
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