Lighting Up Taylor Swift's Eras
Lighting Up Taylor Swift's Eras
April 3, 2024

As our girl Taylor has gracefully evolved over the years, so too have the themes of her musical eras. From humble beginnings in 2008 with her Taylor Swift album to her latest - Midnights, with every album Taylor creates a new era. Beyond the melodies and lyrics, each era has its own distinct personality, and as swifties ourselves, we couldn’t think of a better way to capture that essence than through our lighting and ceiling fan choices. Join us on a journey through Taylor's eras as we explore the perfect products to encapsulate each chapter in her musical career.

1. Taylor Swift Era: If you’re an OG swiftie this era will take you on a trip down memory lane. The era that marked Taylor Swift's entrance into the music scene with a significant country influence is embodied by timeless pieces. The CLA Manga Glass Cylinder Pendant in blue, reminiscent of clear skies, and the warm copper exterior of The CLA Deksel Wall Light capture rustic charm. The Green and Bronze Lode Bankers Table Lamp adds a touch of vintage elegance, paying homage to the simplicity of her country roots.

2. Fearless Era: We still remember the first time we heard love story (sobs). Fearless era, depicting Taylor in sparkly fringe dresses and ballgowns calls for lighting that radiates both glamour and charm! The Gold Eglo Stype Pendant adds a touch of gold romance, complemented by The Oxford Antique Gold Floor Lamp. The Large Eglo Jadida Pendant with coloured glass brings a whimsical element, capturing the sparkly magic that defines this era!

3. Speak Now Era: The Speak Now Era saw Taylor leaning into theatrical elements, with her red carpet look becoming more glam and grown up! This Era couldn’t be better encapsulated than by The Telbix Flero Gold Pendant. And of course we had to bring pops of purple, in to match her purple gown on the album, with The Purple Pen Silicone Pendant and Paola Joy Cora Pleated Table Lamp. These pieces echo the bold spirit of Speak Now.

4. Red Era: Besides the iconic red lip, Swift's love for all things vintage was defined in this era. With its timeless appeal, The Gold Eglo Stype Pendant embodies this era, making a total statement. The Clear Antique Gold Telbix Rene Glass Table Lamp adds vibrancy, while The Telbix Diaz Ceramic Table Lamp brings a pop of colour, perfectly embodying the boldness of Taylor's lyrics and the era’s defining colour, red.

5. 1989 Era: The 1989 era, Swift’s first full pop album, marked by boldness, calls for lighting that makes a statement. The 8-Light Bronze Lode Salzburg Grand Crystal Chandelier exudes grandeur, making it a total match for this era. The Telbix Shibo Bird Print Table Lamp adds an 80’s edgy touch, while The Silver Telbix Nala Table Lamp balances opulence with modern flair!

6. Reputation Era:  The Reputation album was Swift’s “heel turn” era, emphasised by all things grunge - think black bodysuits, snake motifs and dark lipstick - total villain aesthetics and we’re here for it. The Smoked Glass Eglo Torrontes Pendant perfectly embodies this era. The Nora Living Kurtsy Pleated Table Lamp screams villainous elegance, while The Black Aeratron Ceiling Fan introduces a grungy, yet modern, vibe.

7. Lover Era: Totally different to Reputation, The Lover era, is defined by dreamy aesthetics, replacing snakes with butterflies and blacks with pastels. Lover is brought to life with The CLA Pastel Dome Pendant in pink. The Pastel Dark Green and Gold Eglo Chester Table Lamp adds colourful touches, creating a vibe that resonates with the romantic, light spirit of Lover.

8. Folklore Era: Folklore was the debut album of a whole new Taylor, with Swift embracing folk sounds, storytelling, and cottagecore. Whimsical vibes are captured by the Visual Comfort Studio Katie Chandelier. The Nora Living Dryft Pendant, with its natural aura, and The Nora Living Bellatrix Table Lamp with pewter accents, contribute to the magical ambiance inspired by the album.

9. Evermore Era: The Evermore era delves deeper into the enchanting realm Swift created in Folklore. The Paola and Joy Bella Linen Ceramic Table Lamp adds a minimal yet impactful touch to the space. The timber look in The Black Koa Airborne Calibo Storm Ceiling Fan adds warmth and charm, while The Nora Living Macio Linen Pendant brings nature indoors with its natural, organic colours and material.

10. Midnights Era: Midnights era, which might just be our favourite, is characterised by glitz, glam and a whole lotta’ sparkle! The Chrome Telbix Elmas Pendant Light with crystals embodies all things Midnights. The Lode Celestial Waterfall Chandelier Crystal Wall Light is a Midnights must have, and The Hinkley Milo Pendant with lacquered brass and matte navy accents is synonymous with glamour, inspired by one of our fave looks of Taylor in NYC, 2022.

Whether it's the vintage charm of Red or the dreamy pastels of Lover, these lighting and ceiling fan choices help create a space that resonates with the spirit of each era in Taylor's illustrious career. So, which era suits your style best?