5 tips to perfect your lighting

Indoor lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home’s design.  It can set a mood and improve the functionality of your living spaces while adding beauty to your home. 
Here are a few tips to help you perfect your indoor lighting and don’t forget, we’re here to help at Lighting Illusions.

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How to Choose
Start with the existing furniture, textures and colours in the room.  Consider wall coverings, style of the window treatments and dominant shapes.
Everything has a place and lighting is no exception.  The perfect location will showcase the fixture’s beauty and aid in balanced illumination. 
Pro Tip: Fill a large space by clustering fixtures at varying positions.
Choose the Perfect Finish
Two tone finish pairings offer more flexibility to coordinate with existing home décor and future updates.  A mixed metal finish, such as antique bronze and natural brass, will also compliment a wide variety of faucets and fixtures in the kitchen and bath.
Effects of Light Output
Get two-for-one design with fixtures that reflect and refract light through glass spheres to project an array of dazzling shadows.  Ideal for use in a foyer, over a dining table or in a powder room, the artistic light output adds a dramatic focal point to any room.
Pro Tip: Hand-clean textured glass with a damp cloth.  Just as you would crystal or fine stemware.
Make a Geometric Statement
Be inspired with lighting options that make a statement.  “Illuminangles” is the new lighting trend that appeals to those who want fixtures that combine an open framework and vibrant lighting source with geometric silhouettes.
Still can’t decide? Select a fixture that artfully pairs shapes together in a singular design.
Whether you’re in the planning phase of a project or looking for more inspiration, Lighting Illusions is your top resource. Our showrooms offer more than just a place to see the latest lighting from top brands. You’ll receive knowledgeable guidance from our product experts who understand the building and remodelling process and what’s trending.