Beautiful Dining Room Ceiling Fixtures

Many people nowadays live in an open-plan home; the living, eating, entertainment and cooking areas all flow together, with no walls to separate them. But there is always a dining area, and it’s a space where you gather with your family and guests to eat and socialise. Eating together is one of the small rituals that many families enjoy every day. Whether you’ve invited guests for dinner or it’s just you and your family, it’s great to have a calm, defined place dedicated to food and conversation. A chandelier over the table can help define the space and will provide good lighting for meals.

Dining Table

The perfect setting

There are lots of different ways to style a dining area, depending on your needs and your taste. People who want to make a bit of a statement really can’t go wrong with a rich red wall feature wall and a matching chandelier. We have a great range of beautiful chandeliers, and I think the Charlotte Painted Black with Black Glass Beads Chandelier would look incredible in your dining room, with snowy white linen on the table.

The Essence Multi-Coloured Pendant would give a quirkier look to the same type of style; you could add different coloured drinking glasses to your table to complement it. You might have noticed that a lot of restaurants use red in their design, and that’s because we subconsciously associate that colour with food, so it stimulates our appetite and draws us in.

Mercator Perla Pendant

Another good way to use red might be to have the walls and the furniture in cool, neutral tones, but then match the stunning Corsica Chrome Pendant with Red Shade and Drops with red tableware and flowers. For a room that feels cool and calm, even in the middle of summer, I think the Perla Chrome Crystal Beads Pendant Light would look really good with walls painted in a pale green.

Just a corner

Brilliant Marantz Ball Pendant

Even if your dining area is really just a corner of your kitchen or living room, you can still make it a distinct and welcoming space, and a ceiling light over the table is the perfect way to do that. The Marantz Layered Cardboard Pendant, which comes in a variety of shapes, would work especially well against warm earth tones; you could paint the walls of your dining corner a russet colour and add natural linens and rustic dishes to your table. If you have modular seating and a round table, you could get a fashionably retro look with the Misha Pendant in Lycra Fabric.

Time Out

Whether you have a dining room or a dining area, taking time and effort to make that space a special and beautiful area sends out an important message to your family and your guests. Once you enter the dining room, it is time to put away your smartphone, turn the television off – time to appreciate good food and enjoy each other’s company.