Gatsby's Light Fixtures

If you were impressed by the set design from the latest Hollywood incarnation of The Great Gatsby, you’re not alone. Australia’s Catherine Martin won an Oscar for her costume design and set designer Beverly Dunn won an Oscar for production design at the recent 2014 Academy Awards. The Great Gatsby’s sets were a mixture of Art Deco and Beaux Art style and when combined with the impeccably attired cast, the look of the interiors was pretty impressive.

Kayla White Shade with Glass Table Lamp

Of course, being a lighting professional, I couldn’t help but notice the clever use of both antique and modern light fixtures on Gatsby’s sets. Despite not owning the mansion shown in the film - or any mansion-like dwelling, although I wouldn’t mind one - I noticed the light fixtures in the houses in East and West Egg and was thinking about which ones might look good in my house. The fact is, we have some similar lights for sale on our website, lights that capture that rich, art deco look. Adding a little bit of Gatsby to your home is easy when all that’s needed is a new lamp or ceiling fixture.

So, I decided to comb through the lighting selection on our site to help you add the streamlined, opulent look of a 1920s booze smuggler’s mansion to the rooms in your very own home. Plus, long after particulars of the film have gone hazy, the timeless style and pizazz of Art Deco will live on, and you'll keep getting complements on your lighting.

Wall Lighting

Asfour Lead Crystal Chrome Kabul Alabaster

Classic Art Deco styling is most often symmetrical, so you’ll see larger pieces, such as mirrors, flanked on either side by matching light fixtures. These crystal sconces would look great on either side of a plain square or rectangular mirror in a bedroom, a hallway or a bathroom. They’d complete the 1920s look on either side of an antique deco vanity, too. This style comes with either 24 carat gold plating or chrome, neither of which will tarnish. They'll remain beautiful for many years.


Another beautiful lighting look from The Great Gatsby was a gently rounded chandelier style. Crystal chandeliers were used to great effect in the high-ceilinged rooms of Gatsby’s mansion. Unless you are decorating a ballroom, the best way to get a similar effect would be with a ceiling mounted style like the Asfour Kabul. This style has lots of presence, but in a scale appropriate to most people’s dining rooms or bedrooms. Also, because this style doesn’t have crystal beading or ropes, it’s much easier to keep clean and sparkling.

Table Lamps

Much of the lighting in Gatsby is not ceiling or wall mounted, but candlestick-style accent lamps and glass or crystal table lighting. Picture a pair of these elegant lamps on a side-table, buffet, or on either side of your bed. For a different and more personalised look, switch the lampshades out. You could use a different colour or fabric, like black silk or gold taffeta. You'll always have the original white shades to reuse if you want a change.

So ponder these lighting ideas, put on a fedora or a fascinator, and maybe invite some friends around for Champagne and a dip in the pool. I’m inspired and I hope you are, too.