Have You Seen the New LED Filament Bulbs?

City Lights

In my work advising on lighting design for homes around the country, I’ve noticed that increasingly, my clients are looking for a subtle slice of industrial chic. A style that started off in urban loft living has become popular among design-conscious homeowners across the board, and at Lighting Illusions, we carry an unbeatable range of fixtures to give your home the edge you’re looking for. To finish that look off to perfection, I’d always add globes with a visible lighting element, which are really having their moment in the sun right now.

LED Leading The Way

Many of our customers love the way the filament globes look, but they prefer the energy-efficient LED lights, which keep electricity bills down, while keeping your conscience clear. Well, I’m delighted to say that you can now combine the retro good looks of the filament globe with the new technology of LED lighting. Take a look at our new LED filament globes for a glimpse of just what LED can do.

Technology At Work

These new LED filament globes look so different from the LED globe we’re used to seeing, that at first, it’s difficult to see how they work. In fact, they use LEDs as their filaments, and light is emitted from these four filaments uniformly in all directions, unlike many other LED globes, which focus light in one direction. What’s great about them is that they’re perfect for light fixtures that would once have held incandescent globes.

A Spark Of Style

LED filament globes look great in any fixture where the globe is visible, and I’m seeing them used more and more in lights where the globe is deliberately exposed, like the cage light shades that are top of the style list at the moment. I think the Red Cage2 Metal Shade looks terrific with a filament globe, and a lot of designers are using the gypsy cord sets on their own with these vintage-look globes. The light is fixed in the ceiling and then the cord is looped over a series of hooks, letting the globe hang a short distance from the ceiling. I first saw this in chic restaurants and bars, and now homeowners are getting in on the action.


For a deceptively simple style that looks at its best in your sleek new kitchen, try the 1 Light Prague Matte Grey Clear Glass Pendant Light. The sparkling clear glass will show off the latest union of style and technology to its best advantage. Add the convenience of rarely having to change the globes, and you’ve got the perfect answer to today’s lighting demands.