Organic Materials in Modern Lighting

Sometimes it seems to me that the more technology advances, the closer some of my clients want to get to nature when it comes to choosing their interior design. While our grandparents were delighted with manmade fabrics and shiny new fittings, many stylish homeowners today want a more organic look. They choose rustic wooden furniture, natural linens and recycled glass to kit out their rooms, enjoying a simple, rustic approach to décor. And though Lighting Illusions is well known for bringing you the very latest in LED lighting technology and super chic fixtures, I’m very happy to say that we’ve also got the more organic side of things covered just as neatly with lighting that incorporates natural materials.

Letting Nature Shine

Let me show you a couple of my favourite pendant lights for an example of what we can do for you. Available in large or small sizes, the Capella Natural Rattan Pendant Light is a breath of fresh air for any room. With its pale rattan shade and white cord, this light creates a beach feel no matter how far you live from the coast. Perfect for a rural setting yet chic in any city sitting room, this is one of our best all-rounders. Complement its natural good looks with some leafy green plants at your window, and you’ve got the natural look in the bag.


I get lots of enquiries at the moment about the latest trend: carbon filament globes. One of the best fixtures to show these off is the Treasure Natural Plywood Pendant Light. With its gleaming chrome canopy and lamp holder, the cage-style, light coloured wooden shade is equally at home in a high-rise loft or a beachside bedroom. Available in large or small, it is compatible with more efficient fluorescent globes and LEDs as well as the trendy carbon filaments.


Something’s Cooking In The Kitchen

Kitchen design gets more exciting every year and with so much sleek, ergonomic equipment available, it’s easier than ever to put together the kitchen of your dreams. When clients search lighting stores for the right fixtures to illuminate their cooking spaces, they often think of something in brushed steel rather than an organic material. But I think you’ll be keen on a light fitting that mixes the best of modern technology with the beauty of natural wood.

The Nut Wood Eglo Fornes Light is quite unique; its bowed, linear shape is suspended from the ceiling, and the inside of the shade is white, allowing the warm white LED light to shine at its full brightness. This fitting is at its best over a kitchen bench top or dining table. It’s bright enough so that you can prepare food safely and easily, and it also gives you a perfect warm light for dining with friends and family in comfort and style.


We have many more light fixtures that make stylish use of organic materials like wood and rattan. If it’s a look you enjoy, then take the time to browse a little.