Post-war House in the Burbs? Bring Back 1950s-Style Lighting

Brave new world

In the 1940s, most of Australias resources went into the war effort, so at the end of the war, there was a housing shortage. Once the fighting was over, of course, building new houses was a big priority and the suburbs expanded as many new homes were constructed. They were built row upon row and street upon street in vast new suburban neighbourhoods. They feature garages and efficient, streamlined designs. Today, many young families are buying them cheap and fixing them up.

Post War House

Former glory

These houses were built along simpler lines than some modern homes, but they have a lot of character and more and more people are restoring them to their former 1950s glory; they often ask me for advice about lighting that would suit this retro style. We have a great range of lights that complement that vintage dcor, and Ive always got a few suggestions. The Liberty 60 Pendant and the Misha Pendant both look really up-to-date, but theyre actually based on 1950s styles and would look authentic in a vintage room. The Marantz Corrugated Recycled Cardboard Pendant is very environmentally friendly as well as perfectly in keeping with the post-war look, and it comes in a number of shapes, from oval to drum, droplet to ball. For a soft light in your hallway, sitting room or bedroom, my choice would be the Its Eglo Blob Striped Table Lamp. It has clean lines that would look good anywhere, and it has the advantage of coming in both a gentle white and a warm brown colour.

Sticking to the book

Floor lamps were a really strong look in the 50s, and I think the Giani Tripod Floor Lamp would work well in a retro sitting room. Lamps with a cage-effect shade started life at that time, and you can get a beautiful glow while keeping with the period theme if you use the Eglo Lorena Antique Brown Cage Floor Light or the Eglo Lorena Champagne Glass Floor Light. I also see more people nowadays creating a reading corner in their rooms, and an angled floor lamp gives the best light for enjoying a good book (or tablet) in the evening. I picked out the Sara Energy Saving Floor Lamp and the Chad Gloss Energy Saving Metal Floor Lamp as ideal for this purpose. The study or office is a particularly good place to decorate in the original style of your 1950s house, and the right desk lamp really adds to that. The Corina Black Energy Saving Table Lamp sums up the 1950s office look to me. The Basik Adjustable Table Lamp and the Brava Adjustable Table Lamp, which both come in a range of colours, could give a finishing touch to your post-war vintage look.