Post-war House in the Burbs? Bring Back 1950s Style Lighting

Brave new world

In the 1940s, most of Australia's resources went into the war effort and so at the end of the war, there was a housing shortage. Once the fighting was over, of course, building new houses became a priority and suburbs rapidly expanded as many new homes were constructed. Now within many inner-city suburbs, these strong brick homes are practica, have great bones and not without potential. Today, young families and renovators alike are buying them cheap and rejuvenating them.

Former glory

These houses were built along simpler lines than some modern homes, but they have a lot of character! An upward trend has seen an increasing amount of experienced renovators are restoring these homes to their former 1950s glory. Lighting Illusions have a great range of contemporary and traditional lighting and ceiling fans options to complement this vintage interior decor. For example, check out Lighting Illusions' range of beautiful glass pendants or for those more industrial homes, see our edit on antique brass pendants.


Sticking by the book

Of course, antique brass was not the only styling choice of the '50s; if you're seeking that old school Jetson-style retro, look no further than our range of pastel lighting range! Mix and match this retro style with the vibrant kitchen cabinetry, lush greenery, loud wallpaper and plush velvet lounges that were iconic to this era.


Naturally, post-war styling does not end with pendants. Lighting Illusions stocks a massive range of fabulously retro floor and table lamps. Bold in colour and style, this eclectic range is available for delivery to your door at a price to meet any budget! Additionally, Lighting Illusions has something to cool your space and match your style with our great range of traditional ceiling fans. While traditional is the name, these ceiling fans are a breath of fresh air to those post-war styled homes that will maintain that vintage and retro aesthetic without sacrificing functionality!