Track Lighting for Emphasis

Right now, our selection of track lighting is growing but I still want to talk a little bit about track spotlights. They’re a great lighting concept that has fallen out of fashion for no good reason. They’re perfect for people who own pieces that they want to highlight, and they can be a big part of a lighting strategy that gives a room a professionally decorated look. Whether it be to highlight sports memorabilia in the man cave or the family portrait in the lounge they’re subtle and versatile. I’ve seen this style of lighting in a number of homes and I’ve always been impressed with the flexibility and the professional look.

Emphasise Space

Track spotlights can be used to emphasise the shape of a room and the things in it. They create areas of light and shadow that can bring out transitions and patterns. Spotlights can highlight edges and flat surfaces. They can give character and tone to a simple and neutral space. They can bring out the beauty and drama in a room. If your home has areas that are unusual shapes, track spotlights can exaggerate the angles and make them more noticeable. Highlight sloped ceilings or interesting walls. Draw attention to ornate trim, mouldings and plaster details.

Emphasise Activity

A spotlight can also be directed at a place where something is going to be happening. It can provide illumination for reading, cooking, working, exercise or any other activity that requires extra-clear vision. It can put bright light exactly where it’s needed and centre the light in your home around the places where you will be doing things.

What’s Best About Track Lighting

Track lighting isn’t as trendy as it was forty or fifty years ago, but the fact is that it can provide flexible emphasis in a way that no other type of lighting can. When you buy a track with spotlights, you can move the spotlights along the track and adjust their direction and angle. You can use the lights on the track for different purposes. Perhaps one will illuminate your favourite piece of art, another will bring out the lines of a sloped ceiling and the last will point toward your favourite chair.

If you’re decorating a minimalist house or unit, then track spotlights can take it all the way to magazine-style perfection. In a simple, modernist interior design, a sophisticated approach to lighting is a must. “Modern” is a sharp, retro style and track spotlights are what you need to do modern-style lighting right.

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