Have You Seen Our Selection of Kids' Lamps?

Mini Makeover

Bringing up a family seems to get more expensive every year, and most parents have to work hard to keep the bills down, so when it comes to kids’ rooms, I find my customers usually keep bedroom makeovers for those times when a child moves from one important stage to the next and needs the appropriate style for their age. When your tiny baby boy gets up on his feet and becomes a boisterous little lad who’s mad about all things transport, you can’t beat the Train Blue Laser Cut Touch Lamp. Perfect for storytime and midnight cuddles, this lamp is a soothing presence by the bedside for all small children.

Kids Lamps

Bright Sparks

When your kids are a few years older and school gets more serious, they’ll need well-lit desks in their bedrooms so that they can study in peace and quiet. Lighting stores are a great place to get inspiration, and shopping for lighting online has never been easier. Help motivate young students in their work by letting them choose one of our funky desk lamps; our range of styles and colours means there’s something for even the choosiest kid in town. Show them the Kandycane LED Adjustable Coloured Desk Lamp, which comes in four different colours to suit every room’s decor. In smaller rooms, lamps that clip onto a shelf or bedpost are an on-trend way to light their way to exam success.

Cool Kids

Everything changes again when they hit the teenage years. Your daughter will finally tire of the ubiquitous pink, which probably means chucking out half the contents of her bedroom. Older teenagers, desperate for independence but too young to leave home, will be thrilled with a new look for their rooms so they can hold court with their friends and plan their escape. A lot of parents struggle with this stage, since they’re worried about how to pick the best designs while keeping the look as up-to-date as possible. 

Right now, I’m recommending a hefty dose of industrial chic for the on-trend kid’s bedroom. We have some great urban-look light fixtures at Lighting Illusions, and there’s no hotter trend now than the long-flex pendant light with exposed globe. Take a look at the Red Gypsy Fabric Cord Set With Lampholder for something really special. Fit the light fixture in the corner of the room, then position a small hook in the centre of the ceiling. Hang the flex in loops on the hook and either leave the globe completely bare, or try one of our cage metal shades. For the ultimate slice of urban style, fit a carbon filament globe and you’ll be rewarded with smiles all round.

We’ve got lighting for your child’s room whether it’s a nursery, a kid’s work and play space, or a den for a stylish and independent teenager.