Touch Lamps: Practically Perfect

We all know how it feels when you’re drifting off to sleep, your tablet dropping from your hand… but you need to switch your bedside lamp off. By the time you’ve fiddled around looking for the switch, you’ve woken up again. How about when your alarm wails on a winter morning and you knock everything off your bedside table trying to switch the light on and the alarm off?

That’s why touch lamps are such a fantastic boon to any bedroom. I also love them for hallways, so that you can easily find your way around when you come home at night. 

Years ago, the options were limited; touch lamps were more about function than style, and they probably weren’t your first choice for lighting a beautiful new room. But if you take a look at the range of touch lamps at Lighting Illusions today, you’ll see they now reflect all the current interior design trends; our hand-picked selection is absolutely unbeatable. 

A Touch Of Tradition

Eglo Beluga Table Lamp

Those of you with traditionally decorated homes may be surprised at how this modern technology can look so authentic. Take, for example, the Eglo Beluga Touch Table Lamp. Its classic style and gold highlights make this the perfect lamp to bring instant illumination to hallways and sitting rooms. You can adjust the level of light for reading, watching television or enjoying a drink with friends. We also have some fantastic traditional desk lamps for your study.

Sweet Dreams

I’m always a big fan of touch lamps for kids’ bedrooms. It’s so much easier to get your youngsters snuggled down at night if they have a cozy lamp by the bed to switch off when they’re ready to sleep. For kids who love trains, I don’t think you can beat the Train Blue Touch Table Lamp. The three stages of light mean you can start bedtime in brightness and gradually make the room darker as story time and cuddles lull them to sleep.

Style At Your Fingertips

Sherwood Orange Touch Table Lamp

I’m really excited nowadays by the variety of styles we have in our range. When you’re creating your own stunning interiors, shopping for lighting online means you can find the exact match for your colour palette and personal style. 

Recently, I helped some clients design a new master bedroom; they chose natural wood furniture, with white walls and crisp, snowy bed linen, but they wanted to inject a splash of colour. I suggested the Sherwood-Orange Touch Table Lamp for the lights on their bedside tables. The orange shade with the laser cut tree design was just the striking, colourful, stylish note they wanted to add to the room, and the amber glow this lamp produces has made their bedroom the most relaxing room in the house.

So, take a look at our selection of touch lamps. I think you’ll be impressed by the range of styles and colours available. Touch lamps have always been practical, and today they’re more stylish than ever.