Sparkle Plenty - Crystal Chandelier Cleaner

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Sparkle Plenty is a unique formula designed to cling to and remove dust and dirt on crystal beads on your chandelier. This bottle has 950ml (32oz) and will give you many cleans of your chandelier (depending on size).

How To Use:

  • ***IMPORTANT*** Turn power off to light fitting before cleaning
  • Place newspaper under light fitting on floor
  • Spray crystals with a generous amount of Sparkle Plenty
  • Formula will cling to the dirt and drip onto newspaper, removing the dirt
  • Repeat if required
  • Wait for fitting to completely dry before turning light back on

Key Features & Benefits
  • 950ml (32oZ)
  • Unique formula clings and removes dirt/dust
  • Keep your chandelier looking like new
Supplier Toongabi Lighting
Model Name Sparkle Plenty
Model Number Sparkle Plenty
Length 110mm
Height 280mm
Width 70mm

This product comes with a 12 Month Replacement Warranty*