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LED Globes

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an electronic chip that produces light which is available in a range of different brightness (lumens) and light colour temperatures (Kelvin).
 LED light globes are leading the way in energy saving lighting technology and are now becoming a more common lighting option for most households.
 LED globes consume a minimal amount of electricity without compromising light output and will last for years to come and also operate at a cool temperature. Aside from minimal energy consumption to save you money on your power bill, LED light globes provide excellent lighting options for both interior and exterior application.
Purchase LED globes from Lighting Illusions available in a range of colour temperatures from cozy warm white to stunning cool white to suit all lighting requirements and personal tastes.

Warm White Boss 9W SMD Hi-Output LED GU10 Globe 1 Product Variation
2015 Catalogue Sale
$9.95 Save $19.95
$22.40 Save $7.50
$22.40 Save $7.50
Havit Lighting 2014 HV9511C
$22.00 Save $7.90
Havit Lighting 2014 AAEC9532
$14.00 Save $5.90