Mini Sensor White 360 Degree Flush Mount Sensor

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One of the most critical elements for energy saving is the ability to switch lighting On and Off only as required. The360 degree Flush Mount Sensor 55-465 White does just that.

They can react intelligently to the presence or absence of people, and provide an efficient reduction of energy consumption. This sensor provides super equal sensitivity of detection from different directions.

The Mini 360 degree Sensor is suitable for pantries, wardrobes and hallways in order to have the best results, this sensor should be mounted  approximately 2.4 meters above the area to be sensed.

Sensor Head: 38mm
Sensor Body L = 80mm

Input Voltage Flush Monitoring Wattage Provides Convenience and safety
Globe Included Energy Saving Fluoro Compatible RJ11 plug and socket for quick cable connection
DIY Built in LED Indicator Height Adjustable Precise Time and Lux setting
Manual Override Omni-directional dual element sensor Detection Range
Adjustable Time Installation Location