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Wall & Pillar Lights

Nothing can be more pleasantly inviting than having a well-lit home exteriors. Through exquisite wall and pillar lights, your home can achieve a lovely and warm atmosphere. Lighting Illusions offers a superb product line of wall and pillar lights that can bring brightness and welcoming ambience to your homes.

Choose from sturdy and elegantly designed lighting fixtures that can create dramatic highlighting effect to your patios and porches.

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Havit Lighting 2014 HV3002
$78.00 Save $31.90
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$148.00 Save $41.90
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$78.00 Save $21.90
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$38.00 Save $11.90
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$128.00 Save $31.90
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Havit Lighting 2014 HV3633C
$58.00 Save $21.90
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